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Getting Started

When creating your character:

use (torso 1) to change your shirt.

use (tshirt 1: 15) to avoid undershirt glitching through.

change arms until they are not glitching through.

make sure to give yourself eyebrows.

Press "Backspace' when done! Not Enter or anything else.

Dont use any police or medic clothing unless instructed by administration.

If you accidentally back out of the character creator you can go to the plastic surgeon in the pillbox hospital.


F3 Radial Menu:

Take some time looking in the f3 radial menu there are many options that help with gameplay and RP.

General > Animation Menu - All your animations needed for RP can be found here.

General > Others - Useful tools such as Notepads, Calculator and License Plate Remover.

Animation Cancel - Cancels your current animation.

GPS - Here you can enable and disable blips on the map such as Markets, Barbers, Job blips ect.

Mark - Marks useful waypoints on the map.




There are rental vehicles available near the airport, look on your map for a green truck. There are also free bicycles around the city for you to borrow.


The Job Center is marked on your map as a red spech bubble. Certain jobs require you to be hired directly by business owners.


You can use your phone to make public messages on Twitter, and seek work or hire someone through the Yellow Pages.



Status Bar:

Use painkillers to fill your health.

Use Armor to fill your armor half way and Heavy Armor to fill it.

Your stamina shows how long you can sprint. 

Fill your hunger by eating food.

Fill your hydration by drinking beverages.

Your hygiene fills up over time, shower or use hand sanitizer to keep it empty.

Your pee fills up over time and goes up when you drink beverages, do /pee to empty.

Your stress goes up from stressful situations and using items, there are many options for lowering stress including working out at gyms, eating CBD gummies, or using drugs.

Your poop fills up over time and from eating foods, use /poop to empty.

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